Four times a year The Beacon Group donates its time to community projects and volunteer organizations, totaling nearly 1,000 service hours annually.

Beacon's in-house language capabilities extend to 15 languages and cover five continents

Beacon's core clients employ more than 1.5 million people worldwide, the equivalent of the population of Barcelona.

Beacon Officers have helped 13 of the Fortune 50 achieve their growth objectives.

National Geographic Traveler has ranked Portland 40th among the top historic places in the world.

Beacon Officers travel 600k miles annually in service of their clients

Beacon's core company clients have a combined 1200 years of industry leading business history.

In the past year, Beacon evaluated over $75 billion in potential acquisitions for our clients.

Beacon's core clients work in and support every major American industry.

Beacon logs approximately 3000 research hours monthly in pursuit of client growth objectives.

Over 173 million shares of Beacon's core clients' stock is traded every day.

The annual revenue of Beacon's core clients tops $500 billion: the equivalent of the GDP of Switzerland.

Beacon Officers have helped 21 of the Fortune 100 achieve their growth objectives.

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 countries, representing over 81% of the world’s population (or more than five billion people).

Beacon compiles approximately 5000 pages of research and analysis annually for its client base.

In the past 5 years, Beacon has helped our client innovators identify over $100 billion in new growth opportunities.

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 unique countries annually, representing over 94% of the world’s GDP (over $69 trillion).

Beacon in the Community

Beacon’s dedication to growth extends beyond the work we do with Fortune 500 clients. We are committed to giving back to communities around the world and to those right outside our doors. From internal fundraising initiatives and quarterly volunteer days to pro bono consulting services, Beacon makes it a priority to contribute to the growth and success of third-world entrepreneurs, charitable organizations, and Maine citizens and businesses alike.


For one day each quarter, Beacon closes its doors for firm-wide community volunteer days. Totaling nearly 1000 hours of donated time annually, Beacon employees give back to the Greater Portland community through non-profit organizations like the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and The Ronald McDonald House. Over the years we have harvested organic produce from a community teaching farm that donates food supplies to Maine school system cafeterias; cleaned sleeping quarters and prepared meals for families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses; and sorted and packed canned goods for distribution to local food banks and shelters.

Additionally, in early 2011, Beacon became a sponsor for Kiva, a non-profit organization that aims to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with donors from around the world. A team of Beacon consultants selected a group microfinance loan candidates to receive donations from Beacon for capital investment and business growth. Our first group of recipients included a Bolivian embroiderer, an Afghani fruit retailer and two Kenyan small business owners, one a dairy farmer and the other a furniture maker. As the loan recipients selected by the Beacon Kiva Team begin repaying their loans, Beacon’s Kiva account will earn credits for reinvestment into additional, future candidate proposals. Growth is what we do at Beacon and thanks to Kiva’s network, we are able to contribute to the growth of businesses that need it most.

Grow Maine Business Program - The Beacon Group

As a growth-focused firm, our desire to support the Maine businesses and our economy is undeniable. In 2011, Beacon’s philanthropic endeavors reached a new level with the creation of our pro-bono consulting practice, the Grow Maine Business Program. Each year, we will select one to two business candidates who have a demonstrated need for our growth strategy services. We will work with each business’ growth goals on engagements focusing on market assessments, opportunity assessments, and customer or competitor assessments. For a complete description of Beacon’s Grow Maine Business Program and application information, follow this link:

Grow Maine Business Program