Aerospace, Defense & Government

Beacon combines our in-house, primary research-driven-process with decades of growth strategy and industry experience from our Aerospace, Defense & Government leadership team to ensure the actionability and credibility of our growth strategies.  

Beacon’s Aerospace, Defense & Government practice specializes in helping our clients identify and assess new markets, opportunities, adjacencies and technological advancements, recognizing that investment in growth is a clear pathway to success.

The global aerospace and defense industry is experiencing a period of transformation. New demands from customers, enhanced competition from international vendors, demands on the supply chain, regulations, new technologies, geo-political pressures and environmental change are all driving shifts in the market. In the commercial space, new global entrants are creating pressure on market leaders, that in turn, are attempting to widen the gap with new offers and technologies designed to meet emerging challenges. Recently, a new round of mergers and acquisitions promises to have a widespread impact on industry and adjacent players.