Healthcare & Life Sciences

Beacon combines our in-house, primary-research-driven process with decades of growth strategy and industry experience from our Healthcare & Life Sciences leadership team to ensure the actionability and credibility of our growth  strategies. 

Beacon assists our clients with maximizing the adoption of current therapies and solutions by developing impactful clinical and economic value propositions, communicating this value to both traditional clinical and increasingly influential economic decision-makers, and positioning against existing or emerging competitors.

“From development of disruptive pharma/biotech therapies, devices, and diagnostics to novel IT and service-based solutions that deliver value beyond the product, Beacon specializes in helping our clients identify and capitalize on growth opportunities in the changing Healthcare & Life Sciences market. 

— Oliver Richards, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Lead

The Healthcare & Life Sciences market has undergone dramatic change over the last several years, with a paradigm shift from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value environment in the United States. At the same time, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers are facing price pressures across Europe and dealing with the entry of disruptive substitutes like biosimilars and reprocessed medical devices.

Emerging markets across Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East require locally applicable products and therapies that cater to value segment customers. In light of these pressures, many manufacturers are focused on cost-cutting and efficiency at the expense of investing in new growth.

The dynamic Healthcare & Life Sciences landscape necessitates robust investment in new and novel growth pathways.