Beacon combines our in-house, primary research-driven-process with decades of growth strategy and industry experience from our Technology leadership team to ensure the actionability and credibility of our growth strategies.  

The Beacon Group’s Technology practice serves Fortune 500 suppliers of semiconductors, software, storage, cloud and managed services, networking equipment and consumer electronics touching with existing and emerging business models nearly every major vertical and horizontal market in consumer, commercial and public sector markets.

The decline of compute, storage and broadband costs over the past decade has spurred the technology sector to unprecedented solution and business model innovation. The long-standing cloud and mobility waves continue to build and transform both consumer and commercial life.  Enterprises across every sector are in transition from on-premise to public cloud, with an increasingly diverse array of mobile devices impacting computing behavior and location. Web connected fitness watches, drones, and cars connected to city networks connecting buildings, parking lots, traffic lights and digital kiosks. Artificial intelligence solutions—from Amazon Alexa to IBM Watson to service and home robots—are proving economically viable, while raising questions about privacy, security and morality. And all of this powered by hyper-scaled cloud and communications services providers.

Coupled with the impact and diversity of digital and social media, the technology industry has never been more exciting and dynamic, spurring the need for ever-current and forward looking insight-driven growth strategies.