"My favorite part of working at Beacon is that I am always learning. These are skills that will doubtlessly benefit me for the rest of my career ."


"Beacon is a dynamic place to work. I am constantly learning, actively engaging with people who are experts in their field. I truly appreciate the Beacon environment which fosters growth and is preparing me for whatever I do in my future ."


"The team at Beacon makes a strong investment in building the analytic tradecraft and industry knowledge of each individual. At every level of a project, co-workers and managers encourage me to leverage and build my professional background. It’s an encouraging environment and a great place to access a huge universe of industry knowledge and experience ."


"I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to intern at Beacon during the summer between semesters at business school. I feel that the primary research and analytical skills I am learning from my colleagues and mentors at Beacon will enhance my MBA skillset. This is a fast-paced, engaging environment with many opportunities to contribute to the Beacon team ."


"I value thought-provoking, rewarding, and culturally active working and living environments propelled by motivated professionals and individuals; Beacon allows me the opportunity to flourish. I am proud of my contributions to the firm and feel grateful for all of the resources they have invested in me through extensive training and their commitment to encouraging me in my pursuit of professional development ."


"I came to Beacon after attending graduate school for a degree in international policy. My colleagues at Beacon are incredibly supportive and collaborative. Although the pressure of the job can be intense, this is not a cut-throat environment; rather, it is one in which important relationships are cultivated and encouraged ."

Senior Consultant

"Beacon provides a dynamic environment to develop business knowledge across a range of industries. The consistent interaction with project team, firm leadership and clients has provided an excellent opportunity to expand my consulting toolkit. Beacon leadership invests in the professional development of junior staff through educational seminars and takes the time to provide thoughtful feedback after each client engagement ."

Senior Consultant

"Beacon has provided me with the opportunity for upward advancement and continued professional development as part of growing company. I am lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to and impact growth objectives for global companies from our office in Portland, ME. The city offers a great balance of fulfilling cultural activities with a variety of outdoor adventure outlets ."


Why Beacon

Coming to Beacon allows you to be immersed in a fast-paced, collaborative environment of excellent researchers, analysts, and businesspeople. From the very beginning of your tenure here, you will understand the systematic process which allows us to deliver proprietary market insight from key influencers to clients who trust the firm enough to rely on you as an advisor. This is an exciting and rare opportunity. Unlike larger corporations, from day one, Beacon employees are integral members of the firm’s engagements and business development teams. You will have the opportunity to work side-by-side experts in their fields—from directors, to vice presidents, to the president of the firm.

Additionally, you will have the fortune of working and living in the vibrant coastal city of Portland, Maine. As the state motto boasts, an experience here proves to be “the way life should be”—all the conveniences and attractions of a modern city surrounded by vast reserves of unspoiled nature.

The Beacon Group’s people, professional opportunities, and location make it an extremely attractive place to work. Take a moment to further explore Who We Are, What We Do, and Where We Are.