Telecom Software Product Launch Support



A US-based global technology company was interested in launching a software product targeted at line of business (LOB) customers in Europe.  They needed to understand customer expectations and how those tracked with their current offerings. The client asked Beacon to study the European enterprise customers, identifying segments, buying processes,  and requirements. Additionally, Beacon was asked to assess and analyze the competitive environment in the space, how the established competitors were positioned, and what it would take for our client to displace them. As an output,  Beacon's client wanted a go-to-market strategy for a European product launch.


Beacon worked with the client leadership team to evaluate and identify top customers and competitors to study, as well as understand the client's current knowledge and activities. In a four- week engagement, Beacon interviewed >55 market sources to drive the customer and competitive findings. Market sources included financial analysts, competitor stakeholders, and junior and senior members of customer organizations. Beacon engaged with the client's core team on a weekly basis to brief its progress and provide the client an opportunity to focus or redirect Beacon activities based on information uncovered.


The conversations with customer stakeholders yielded a clear view of their wants and needs, and allowed Beacon to help our client improve its value proposition. Beacon outlined a strategy to penetrate the market, and gain share in order to leverage this value proposition. The strategy included tactics to accelerate both customer cost savings and revenue drivers, as well as pointed strategies to create market leadership. Additionally, Beacon was able to identify a number of near-term opportunities and presented customer specific strategies to best position the client for success, including timeline detail and specific needs within customers. Beacon also recommended a path forward to transition near-term success into downstream opportunities.