Commercial Operations and Sales Strategy: Hospitals and ASCs



A leading healthcare company was seeing changes in its customer base and more of a need to drive utilization of its products in both the hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) markets.  The Beacon Group(Beacon) was asked to develop a commercial operations strategy andsupporting tactics to ensure proper customer engagement. Beacon's Client was particularly interested in the specific tactics it could usewith its sales team to support execution across customer settings.  Theassessment was focused on ways to use all customer interactions – sales,  service, education, distributors – as a tool to improve loyalty anddifferentiate from key competitors.


In ten weeks, Beacon evaluated customer requirements for commercial engagement, how our client and other market participants were comparing to expectations, and identified both gaps and opportunities.  Beacon used over 300 direct conversations with customers and other market stakeholders as the basis for its analysis.  We used the conversations to test various sales and marketing programs and engagement models as a way to ensure their viability long-term.

Each week, Beacon captured client feedback on progress and its findings.  Questions from each update were incorporated into the next week's research and analysis.  This process ensured regular intereaction and a set of actionable recommendations upon completion.


Beacon's client has implemented its proposed strategy to date with great success.  It has seen both sales and profit grow over the past 12 months and is continuing to implement different pieces of the overall framework.  Beacon identified several ways to add value beyond the product, streamline interactions with the customer, identify and take advantage of competitor weaknesses, and anticipate changes in the overall market environment.