Special Mission Aircraft Global Market Scan and Opportunity Assessment


A division of a major prime contractor was struggling to grow its topline and looking to boost its five-year plan by pursuing adjacent areas in the Special Mission Aircraft market.

Beacon was asked to help determine the total market size, segment the market in order to prioritize opportunities, analyze and benchmark the competitive landscape, and then provide strategic recommendations to improve performance and growth.  Specific emphasis was placed on international opportunities due to DOD budget concerns.



The Beacon Group, leveraging its in-house primary research capability, contacted over 250 market participants from multiple geographies including Asia, Africa, and South America to identify opportunities and trends in the market.

Over the course of the engagement, Beacon determined the 10-year global market size and segmented the market by both mission area and geography.  Global opportunities were identified by both timing and size.  Additionally, using proprietary tools, Beacon force-ranked the global competitive landscape and highlighted potential gaps for our client to exploit, as well as areas of weakness that would need to be addressed in order to be successful.



Beacon provided our client with a strong understanding of a broad and nuanced market enabling creation of a more comprehensive and actionable business case.  The competitive analysis provided a clear picture of organizational areas that needed to be addressed in order to boost competitiveness, as well as opportunities to improve its brand in the market.  Specific recommendations included targets for potential partnerships to address new business models while also providing capabilities that weren't currently part of the client's organization.  Additionally, Beacon's recommendations enabled the client to put limited resources to work on targeted opportunities to help improve its topline growth.