Industrial Manufacturing Sales Lead Generation



A leading industrial automation and equipment manufacturer with a significant footprint in the US automotive market was seeking to diversify its customer base across a wider range of industries and geographies. Beacon's client identified Mexico as a market with significant near-term growth potential, but its limited sales resources were struggling to identify new potential customers. To support more rapid growth in Mexico the client asked Beacon to use its primary research capabilities to identify immediate and near-term sales leads and analyze industry trends in 4 regions of interest. As an output, Beacon's client asked for profiles of 50 businesses, outside of current customers, with an expressed interest in the firm's product.



Beacon worked with the client to identify the industries of greatest interest based on past or potential demand for client products and solutions.  Beacon leveraged in-house bilingual primary research assets to identify attractive growth industries in each of the 4 regions.  Within the course of 5 weeks, Beacon reached out to over 220 facilities to identify potential customers for the client's products, and understand their requirements and timeline for investment. Beacon focused on capturing the following information from its conversations:

  • Customer's application of the client's equipment
  • Required number of machines based on typical factory throughput
  • Capital equipment budget
  • Budget autonomy/whether the budget was managed locally or abroad
  • The customer's need for maintenance, repair, and consulting services

Beacon engaged with the client's core team on a weekly basis to brief its progress and deliver identified leads in real time.  Weekly updates also provided the client an opportunity to focus or redirect Beacon activities based on information uncovered.



Over the course of 5 weeks Beacon identified 68 sales leads and prioritized leads based on the urgency of requirement and size of opportunity.  Beacon presented the client with a profile of each lead, including the name, phone, and email of the appropriate point of contact within the organization. In addition, Beacon provided the client with a database of all 220 customers contacted in order to reduce redundancy when pursing future leads.  Final project deliverables included a detailed analysis of research results, which force-ranked industries and regions based on the total volume of leads identified and the effort that was required to generate each lead.  Beacon used this analysis to craft recommended next steps for developing a long-term growth strategy in Mexico.  The Beacon team continued to engage with both the client and potential customers beyond project completion to further support near-term sales tactics.