Army Vehicle Modernization Capture Support




A major prime contractor in the defense industry had identified a significant opportunity for expanding its footprint in the ground-vehicle space. However, due to the upheaval in the DOD budget environment and recent cancellation of the FCS program, there were significant concerns over making additional investments.

Beacon was asked to provide an understanding of the specific ground-vehicle opportunity, including expected timing and an assessment of the competitive position of our client. Additionally, Beacon was asked to develop strategies for future positioning to maximize the amount of revenue achievable through this potential new program.



The Beacon Group, leveraging its market-based primary research capability, conducted over 100 interviews with customer, competitor, and partner sources to gather accurate and timely information for our client.

Beacon's research confirmed the path forward for the program through conversations with Army operational, requirements, procurement, and budget personnel. Beacon provided a detailed understanding of customer perceptions of our client's capabilities across a broad range of requirements, and within different influencing communities inside the customer organization. Additionally, conversations with a main competitor and potential sub-contractors for this program enhanced our client's understanding of its current position, and more importantly, enabled Beacon to recommend how our client could improve its position moving forward.



Beacon provided multiple specific recommendations for our client to take in order to maximize its probability of winning significant portions of the program. Specific recommendations included actions to encourage the customer to segment the opportunity based on mission. This would allow our client to maximize its strengths and marginalize the competition. Since Beacon utilizes an iterative process, recommendations were applicable and actionable, ensuring maximum value for the client.