Rapid Competitor Assessment: Public Sector Services




A Fortune 500 technology corporation asked Beacon to provide an assessment of the public sector market. The overarching driver was to identify opportunities for increasing market share. The company was interested in developing an understanding of how top competitors were organized to support public sector sales and services, and how they defined customer segments within the market.

During this rapid competitor assessment, Beacon performed across-competitor analysis by evaluating how competitors were positioned to serve the public sector services market. Beacon focused its efforts on identifying segmentation within the public sector and evaluating competitive activity, specifically within the healthcare market.



The Beacon Group focused its primary research efforts on industry stakeholders, including competitors, customers, analysts, and channel partners. Over the course of the four-week project, Beacon interviewed over 100 market participants in key source communities to develop a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape and trends in the target market.

Through an iterative process, Beacon analyzed services, products, and organizational models among the most mature industry competitors, identifying the strategic importance of public sector and healthcare operations relative to other service and product portfolios. Beacon segmented its analysis based on individual and cross-competitor trends, providing an in-depth understanding of the structural approaches being utilized to capture market share.



Beacon identified innovative activity and alternative strategies being implemented by the four major competitors in public sector software and services. The client was provided with a thorough understanding of the rationale behind healthcare position within the organizational models of top competitors. Based upon established best practices within the Public Sector, Beacon developed an analysis of management and service integration strategies shown to increase effectiveness in meeting end-user requirements.

Within a condensed timeframe, Beacon identified strategic advantages based on market projections and competitor orientation within the target sector. Customer insights and emerging industry trends were integrated into Beacon's initial assessment and used as the basis for additional analytical recommendations.