Chinese Manufacturing Customer Assessment: Technical Computing Hardware Case Study

Problem:  As follow-up to a previous engagement assessing end-user computing requirements in the United States, a Fortune 100 technology corporation asked Beacon to perform a deep-dive assessment of customer requirements in the SMB manufacturing market in China.  The goal of this engagement was to identify unmet needs and trends, analyze the role of different channel partners, and develop strategies to engage both channel partners and end customers in order to increase product sales over the next five years.

Approach: The Beacon Group leveraged in-house Mandarin language capabilities to conduct over 130 interviews with customer and partner sources across China, in roles ranging from customer employees to corporate executives. Beacon performed a rapid scan of the customer landscape, identifying the most important industries within manufacturing, along with key market influencers and traits unique to the Chinese market.  Using the knowledge base acquired during the research process, Beacon crafted a set of strategies during the final stage of the engagement to lay out a roadmap to revenue growth in China over the coming years. 

Results:  Beacon developed a nuanced analysis of current SMB customer buying behavior, requirements, and decision drivers with respect to our client’s offerings, and collided data points to create a first-of-its-kind market sizing.  This allowed Beacon to diagnose our client’s current business challenges and identify barriers and opportunities for growth.