Market Entry and Pricing Strategy Case Study

Problem:  A technology company was planning the launch of a first-to-market Cloud-based service that includes software and integration services. It asked that Beacon develop a market entry strategy with particular emphasis on effective pricing models for a cloud-based service and effective channels to reach new customer segments.  


  • Over a seven week engagement Beacon conducted >100 conversations with analysts, electric and water utilities providers,  and component vendors across North America
  • Assessed customer perception of the value proposition, willingness to pay, and market size


  • Identified, qualified, and quantified near term opportunities for the client to capture “low hanging fruit” and enter the market with minimal barriers to entry
  • To ensure longer-term growth, outlined a step-by-step process to address identified barriers through marketing efforts, a novel pricing structure,  the establishment of strategic partnerships with identified market players, and market monitoring to ensure strategy alignment with market developments
  • Mapped strategy to a timeline to capitalize on anticipated market shifts/development