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Oliver C. Richards

Senior vice president, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice

Mr. Richards is a Senior Vice President and leads Beacon’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice. During his tenure at Beacon, he has delivered strategy engagements across the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and health IT segments. Since joining Beacon in 2011, Mr Richards has written a number of whitepapers on the Healthcare & Life Science landscape. 

Mr. Richards holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and graduated from the Wisconsin School of Business with an MBA specializing in Strategic Management in the Life & Engineering Sciences. Mr. Richards also holds a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin, where his research focused on the genetic basis of type 2 diabetes and growth factor modulation of peripheral insulin delivery.

A dedicated father, Mr. Richards is currently being taught French by his 3 year-old daughter. He is enjoying learning a new language and her critique of his pronunciation.