Four times a year The Beacon Group donates its time to community projects and volunteer organizations, totaling nearly 1,000 service hours annually.

Beacon compiles approximately 5000 pages of research and analysis annually for its client base.

Beacon Officers travel 600k miles annually in service of their clients

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 unique countries annually, representing over 94% of the world’s GDP (over $69 trillion).

In the past year, Beacon evaluated over $75 billion in potential acquisitions for our clients.

Beacon Officers have helped 21 of the Fortune 100 achieve their growth objectives.

Over 173 million shares of Beacon's core clients' stock is traded every day.

Beacon's core clients work in and support every major American industry.

National Geographic Traveler has ranked Portland 40th among the top historic places in the world.

Beacon's core clients employ more than 1.5 million people worldwide, the equivalent of the population of Barcelona.

Beacon logs approximately 3000 research hours monthly in pursuit of client growth objectives.

In the past 5 years, Beacon has helped our client innovators identify over $100 billion in new growth opportunities.

Beacon's in-house language capabilities extend to 15 languages and cover five continents

The annual revenue of Beacon's core clients tops $500 billion: the equivalent of the GDP of Switzerland.

Beacon's core company clients have a combined 1200 years of industry leading business history.

Beacon Officers have helped 13 of the Fortune 50 achieve their growth objectives.

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 countries, representing over 81% of the world’s population (or more than five billion people).


"The Beacon Group has been consistent in providing rapid-fire, rigorous analysis and market- based due diligence on our transactions. Their work has been key to both investment decisions and to follow-on interest in our targeted domains."

Managing Partner

Private Equity/Venture Capital

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"We have retained The Beacon Group on a variety of business strategy and market assessment projects with consistently positive results. Their innovative approach, laser focus on objectives, and overall professional commitment to their clients has made them a valuable strategic resource."

Director, Strategic Marketing

Device Manufacturer

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"The Beacon team has provided us with terrific market insights that have supported our projects. Their strategic analysis of customer needs based on primary assessments has been a tremendous advantage for us in developing market-driven strategies for early-stage programs, and in providing intellectually honest assessments of product value propositions and the optimal market positioning opportunities. The thoroughness of their research teams and professional approach to clients has made Beacon a go-to resource for us in many of our programs."

Sr. Marketing Manager

Pharmaceutical Industry

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"I find the Beacon Group to be extremely responsive to client requirements and perceptive in their analysis. They have been very helpful in identifying new revenue opportunities and in scoping new markets."

Vice President, Business Development

Network Equipment Provider

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"Beacon does excellent work. They have helped my team make critical decisions regarding new market opportunities, and we highly value their research approach and analytical perspective."

Strategy Director, Customer Services

Software Provider

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"The Beacon Group is an exceptionally professional organization—they focused on our needs and delivered the insights that allowed us to grow our markets. The quality of the direction they provide allows my team to make sound, confident decisions based on real data and that is why I repeatedly turn to Beacon for guidance."

Strategy Deputy

Prime Defense Contractor

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"The Beacon Group brings a market-based approach with strong analytical methodology in developing a company’s strategic options on ‘go-to-market’ approach. I have used them on several occasions in several companies that I have been associated with and the recommendations from Beacon were always on the mark."

Company President

Software Industry

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"The Beacon Group is a very responsive, results-oriented organization that keeps a focus on the needs of the client. They generated global market research and strategy reports for us that were rich with thorough and accurate information; this report continues to serve as a reliable reference document for our strategic teams. Furthermore, the report was delivered on time under a very ambitious timeline."

Director, Clinical Operations

Medical Device Industry

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"The Beacon Group has provided our organization with multiple in-depth market research and analysis studies that clearly map health care trends and customer needs to manufacturers of medical devices/pharmaceuticals. The Beacon Group has also been a key resource for our strategic marketing teams in assessing and understanding commercial customer behaviors. The Beacon Group engagements have been extremely professional; they bring a high level of thought-leadership, are thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend their research and consultancy services for health care stakeholders."

Corporate Office

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company

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How do clients interact with Beacon?

The Beacon Group employs an iterative, highly collaborative delivery model. We like to engage with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This ensures our clients have a clear understanding of our findings and helps to prevent unexpected surprises. Also, these regular updates allow Beacon and its clients to think through potential strategies and tactics as a team throughout an engagement. Real time client feedback allows our team to test and refine thinking through primary research.

What is Beacon’s approach to project delivery?

We believe our methodology makes our services uniquely valuable in today’s consulting market. We apply our own internal frameworks alongside successful, industry accepted assessment models to develop and deliver a clear set of findings, implications, and recommendations for client consideration.

Beacon analyses are based on highly-focused primary research, allowing our clients access to more accurate and timely information than ever before to support strategic and tactical decision-making. For each analysis, primary research comprises at least 90% of the data used— we believe that direct insight from current market players is a necessary component to making strong business decisions. Furthermore, our research is conducted in-house, so we can ensure the quality of the output.

However, research is only as useful as the analysis performed with it. Beacon employs a variety of analytical tools and strategic frameworks to guide its decision-making. We leverage our primary research throughout the project process in order to present our clients with realistic, results-driven strategies. We also rely on weekly client interactions to ensure project outputs are both actionable and achievable.

How much of a time commitment is there for us as a client?

On typical engagements, we expect a client’s minimum participation to be an hour every week for project updates.

Our model is designed to get the maximum value from the minimum amount of client time needed to complete the project. The iterative nature of delivery allows us to achieve this.

How does Beacon price its projects?

The majority of Beacon’s work is priced on a fixed-fee basis. In addition, we sometimes enter into performance-based pricing and retainer agreements, as well as providing a guarantee to all our clients.

What is Beacon’s pricing “Guarantee"?

Our guarantee is fairly simple. At the start of a project, we invoice half of the professional fee. The other half of our fee is invoiced at the end of the engagement. That second half is paid according to the client's satisfaction level. If dissatisfied–don’t pay anything. If satisfied—pay the full amount. If incredibly satisfied—pay up to 150% of the final invoice amount.

As a firm, we believe it is a good practice to have our incentives aligned with those of our clients.

How long do your projects typically take?

They vary. Typical engagements listed in our services section run between 4 and 10 weeks.

What don’t you do well?

Given our desire to ensure complete client satisfaction within each engagement, there are specific services and settings that we do not focus on, including: large-scale process reengineering; change management projects; on-site support; RIF support; statistically significant research; purely theoretical analysis; work in the black.