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Beacon’s senior leadership has over 180 years of combined industry-leading experience

Industrial Technology

Within the Industrial Technology Practice, Beacon’s rigorous research and analysis capabilities drive growth strategy development for some of the world’s most successful manufacturers, industrial corporations, and technology providers. Beacon relies heavily on primary research with key market participants to inform our view of existing and emerging markets. We believe that direct insight from current market players is a necessary component to making strong business decisions.

Since Beacon’s inception, the firm has helped its clients evolve against competitive threats or break into new markets through organic and inorganic means. We have experience navigating a variety of industrial technology areas including automation systems (remote automation systems, robotic manufacturing, etc.); network components (industrial networking, critical infrastructure protection, etc.); energy (process management, oil and gas production, etc.); and transportation (automotive components, aircraft engine design, etc.).

The global Industrial market is constantly adapting, changing and growing. New demands from suppliers, partners and customers have placed demands on the industry to adapt with evolving regulations, new technologies and environmental change.
— Jesse Toronto, Vice President, Industrial Technology Practice

The industrials domain is traditionally known as a slow-moving market steeped in convention. But as connectivity increases the sophistication and productivity of these “traditional” spaces, companies require rapid market intelligence to react with speed and confidence. Beacon is well-suited to assist in this regard. Given today’s fast-paced cadence, our engagements are tailored to meet client needs in a matter of weeks, and not months.

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Vice President, Industrial Technology Practice