With a dedication to excellence, Beacon is focused on helping all employees become the best they can be. With comprehensive training, regular project and bi-annual review cycles and a mentorship program. Beacon will support you to learn and develop at any stage of your career.

Regular Review Cycles

Beacon believes it is important that management maintain frequent communication with employees on a formal and informal basis. Performance reviews at Beacon give employees and their managers a formal process for sharing feedback concerning expectations, performance and development needs.

As project and performance reviews are meant to aid Beacon employees in the development process, employees are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback concerning their evaluations.



Throughout the course of your career you will have a variety of mentors. Beacon facilitates a formal mentorship program between junior and senior staff to maximize interaction across levels and career direction.


Consulting Career Paths

Beacon is a meritocracy. Do the work and you’ll be recognized for your skills and effort. But it’s beyond the hard skills that we expect you to exhibit – teamwork, critical thinking and professionalism are core to your future success at Beacon.


Business School

To progress to the director level, there is an MBA requirement

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Our Alumni connections and the Beacon experience help our Consultants ... go on to some of the top Business School programs in the country: