Growth Opportunity in an Emerging Market & Developing Market Entry Strategy  Case Study

Problem:  A leading industrial automation company asked Beacon to help it develop a strategy to drive organic growth in an emerging market– a region in which the client had limited experience to date –  as part of a broader effort to expand its presence in there.  


  • Over 7 weeks Beacon interviews ~100 sources in the region across six industries
  • Used interviews with domestic competitors to refine client understanding of market size and growth opportunities
  • Interviewed customers , competitors, and market analysis to segment the customer landscape and assess requirement
  • Develop actionable strategies and tactics to accelerate client growth in the market over a five year timeline


  • Confirmed attractiveness of client growth opportunity in the market
  • Identified likely near term customers for client’s core product line and analyzed customer buying behavior based on size and industry
  • Provided competitive intelligence to drive strategic positioning
  • Recommended development of regionally tailor products to align better with small and mid-size customer needs