For over seventeen years Beacon has carved a niche as a premier advisor on issues of innovation, disruption, and international, adjacent, and emerging market growth for the Fortune 500. 

We complement classic, commonly used growth assessments with a variety of Beacon’s proprietary frameworks and methodologies to objectively assess the opportunities our clients face.


Our History

Beacon was founded in 2001, immediately after the tragedy of September 11th. Our goal was to help our clients, our country and, by extension, our world, to recover, regroup and heal through business and economic growth. We were able to successfully establish and grow the firm, working with our clients as they have emerged, recovered and thrived. Our services have evolved over time and through economic cycles to reflect the needs of our clients. As both students and counselors of growth, we have responded to market trends by growing our capability to assess international market opportunities (both established and emerging), by developing proprietary frameworks for a globally constricting economy and by attracting senior thinkers in our target industries and geographies to our firm. As world markets continue to evolve, Beacon expects to stay on the vanguard of thought for sustainable growth strategies and tactics for our clients. Beacon is located in Portland, Maine, on the coast of northern New England, and supports clients near and far.