Beacon Officers have helped 13 of the Fortune 50 achieve their growth objectives.

Beacon logs approximately 3000 research hours monthly in pursuit of client growth objectives.

Beacon Officers have helped 21 of the Fortune 100 achieve their growth objectives.

Beacon compiles approximately 5000 pages of research and analysis annually for its client base.

Beacon's core clients employ more than 1.5 million people worldwide, the equivalent of the population of Barcelona.

The annual revenue of Beacon's core clients tops $500 billion: the equivalent of the GDP of Switzerland.

Beacon's in-house language capabilities extend to 15 languages and cover five continents

Beacon Officers travel 600k miles annually in service of their clients

In the past year, Beacon evaluated over $75 billion in potential acquisitions for our clients.

In the past 5 years, Beacon has helped our client innovators identify over $100 billion in new growth opportunities.

National Geographic Traveler has ranked Portland 40th among the top historic places in the world.

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 unique countries annually, representing over 94% of the world’s GDP (over $69 trillion).

Beacon's core clients work in and support every major American industry.

Beacon's core company clients have a combined 1200 years of industry leading business history.

Four times a year The Beacon Group donates its time to community projects and volunteer organizations, totaling nearly 1,000 service hours annually.

Over 173 million shares of Beacon's core clients' stock is traded every day.

Beacon conducts research in more than 86 countries, representing over 81% of the world’s population (or more than five billion people).


Our Technology Practice provides innovative growth strategy support to our global client base. Beacon engagements span the software, hardware, services, internet, and communications technologies markets. We support both innovative and established companies in meeting growth objectives across the following industry segments:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Hardware
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturers
  • Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Integrated Communication Suppliers
  • Mobile Communication Device Manufacturers

The rapid pace of change in the technology markets fits well with Beacon’s strategy development approach, and leverages our broad industry footprint to provide a nuanced understanding of the enterprise and carrier markets. Proprietary growth frameworks are fed by granular insight into the market landscape. Similar to Beacon’s other practice areas, our Technology Practice engages solely on growth projects. Project work is primarily related to commercialization of new technology or identifying adjacent market opportunities for mature products. Beacon has successfully guided its global, industry-leading clients in M&A support, commercialization of new technologies, market entry strategies, and customer and competitor assessments.

Recognizing the pace of business today, we understand that our clients have weeks—not months—to plan and execute growth strategies; while robust, our model is accordingly rapid to meet the needs of our clients within the technology industry. Please see below for technology specific engagement services offered in addition to our core set of services.

  • Strategic Planning for Disruptive Technologies
  • Market Assessment
  • Commercialization of New Technology
  • Customer Assessment
  • Competitor Assessment
  • New Market Entry Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Acquisition Candidate Identification and Indexing
  • Beyond Due Diligence Support for M&A Transactions
  • IP License/Sale