A New World Order

A New World Order.png

A new world order – The historic movement to and from centralized to distributed computing is coming to an end with the advent of a new hybrid computing environment. The implications stand to reshape the technology landscape.

The technology industry has seen a predictable rhythm of transformation over the past six decades.  From the introduction of the mainframe, the evolution of compute has progressed from centralized to distributed systems and back again. The technology industry has experienced changes over the decades, making market participants repeatedly evolve and adapt their solution sets to rethink how they define themselves – from hardware to software to services, all players in the ecosystem have been challenged to compete in new ways and with new solutions.  To defend and grow their market position, hardware, software and services share leaders have had to stay atop of the evolution of compute, storage and networking to ensure that  products, services and business models are aligned with the current wave of network and processing technology. But we are entering a brave new world, where processing is everywhere. In this white paper, Beacon explores the history of innovation in the context of today’s disruptive changes, and recommends strategies for technology solution vendors going forward.