From a Strategic Perspective … U.S. Air Strike in Syria

Strategy is the matching of resources to objectives.  In this case 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles matched against a global message that the United States is no longer a paper tiger.  That may be the primary message which is ringing in the ears of leadership in Syria, Moscow, Iran, North Korea and China. Interestingly, this strike occurred hours after the summit President Trump held with Premier Xi Jinping, the only superpower with significant influence over North Korea. If Trump wanted to make clear to both regimes that there was a new, less tolerant, more action prone administration, he couldn't have timed it better.

As for American Allies, this action likely sent a message to those who were concerned about America’s willingness to back up our policy.  Finally, we should be proud as Americans that President Trump stood up for peaceful Muslims who were unjustly and horrifically struck in what is simply and directly a war crime.  It is worthy of note that even as the US Navy destroyers moved into position last night, Mrs. Clinton when addressing the Syrian Sarin gas attack at the Women’s World Summit called for this same sort of strike against the Syrian Air Force. No matter your position on the President, this should be seen as a positive move for him and his administration.