Beacon employs an iterative, highly collaborative strategic delivery model. 

Regular updates allow Beacon and its clients to think through potential strategies and tactics as a team throughout an engagement. Real time client feedback allows our team to test and refine thinking, ensuring a project that is both strategic and actionable.

What is Beacon’s approach to project delivery?

Beacon analyses are based on highly-focused primary research, allowing our clients access to more accurate and timely information than ever before, to support strategic and tactical decision-making. Beacon employs a variety of analytical tools and strategic frameworks to guide its decision-making. We leverage our primary research throughout the project process in order to present our clients with realistic, results-driven strategies. We also rely on weekly client interactions to ensure project outputs are both actionable and achievable.

How much of a time commitment is there for us as a client?

On typical engagements, we expect a client’s minimum participation to be an hour every week for project updates. Our model is designed to get the maximum value from the minimum amount of client time needed to complete the project. The iterative nature of delivery allows us to achieve this.

What is the international reach of Beacon?

Beacon conducts global market assessment for many of our engagements. We employ an international workforce with language capabilities spanning 16 different languages. 

What is Beacon’s pricing “Guarantee"? 

Our guarantee is fairly simple. At the start of a project, we invoice half of the professional fee. The other half of our fee is invoiced at the end of the engagement. That second half is paid according to the client's satisfaction level. If dissatisfied—don’t pay anything. If satisfied—pay the full amount. If incredibly satisfied—pay up to 150% of the final invoice amount. As a firm, we believe it is a good practice to have our incentives aligned with those of our clients.